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Safety issues at Wuhan Laboratories

One of the main elements that leads us to think that the virus may have arisen from human error are the enormous safety issues evidenced at the Wuhan laboratories. Not only in the laboratories, but even in the bat-hunting sessions of the researchers.

Safety issues at Wuhan Laboratories
Shi Zheng-Li, directress of the WIV, without sufficient protections

Should be borne in mind that researchers of the Wuhan facilities have always been in close contact with the areas from which SARS-CoV-2 derives its phylogenetic origins. A video published by the broadcaster CCTV-13 (and currently no longer available) shows us how the researchers of the Wuhan Institute of Virology went to the Yunnan territory to take samples and guinea pigs, in some moments it is possible to see them in action without using gloves or masks, even ending with being injured or hit on the skin by organic waste from bats. The footage was shot 2 years before the outbreak of the pandemic. Furthermore, as exposed by alarming US cables from 2018, the Wuhan research facilities themselves were quite dangerous due to the obvious security deficiencies. The same Nature magazine, months after the publication of “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2”, Has published an article where the possibility of a laboratory leak is accepted. It should also be remembered that although the Wuhan Institute of Virology has the ability to use BSL-4 security technology, all the SARS studies conducted in previous years were carried out in BSL-2/3 (as can be verified by the related studies in online public archives). This allows us to understand that if someone had been infected in a completely natural way in an exploratory mission in Yunnan or in a laboratory, the virus would have had the opportunity to spread to the population and possibly already begin to mutate to improve its affinity to mankind. This would explain why the place of origin of the known ancestor hosted by bats Rhinolophus Affinis 2000 kms away from Wuhan was not the site of the first known outbreak after a possible spillover, but instead Wuhan was (at a very short distance from one of the main coronavirus research facilities worldwide). Safety issues evidenced in the Wuhan laboratories must push an international investigation at Wuhan laboratories.

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