The most politically compromised hypothesis

A letter for an indipendent international investigation

On March 4, 2021 Jamie Metzl (former NSC official and current WHO adviser) and 25 leading scientists from various fields have submitted a letter for an indipendent international investigation of the Wuhan research centers.

A letter for an indipendent international investigation
Letter opening image

The signatories demand a serious inquiry, free from conflicts of interest, in other words very different from the previous one. Authors made this letter not only to push for an indipendent international investigation, but to make clear to press, politicians and world population that the theoretical possibility of a laboratory leak was not born and raised in a small ghetto of conspiracy theorists of the web, but rather in the international scientific community, and as such, it deserves all the attention and considerations of the case without suffering any sort of insult.

What they ask for

It is therefore evident in the light of the continuous demolition of the hypothesis that there has been a targeted work of suppression of a theory that, although unconfirmed, remains valid as much as zoonosis (if not even more considering that the WHO team analyzed samples from thousands of farmed animals across China all of which tested negative for the virus).
The letter for an indipendent international investigation explains very clearly how to carry out a clean investigation, despite the enormous amount of time already elapsed and the great possibility that large amounts of evidence have been destroyed. To summarize, the letter ask the institutions to obtain all relevant records of the laboratories involved in coronavirus research, including:

  • Environmental reports;
  • Inspection reports;
  • Maintenance logs;
  • Lab experiment logs;
  • Raw sequence reads;
  • Records of shipments of samples;
  • Specimen destruction records;
  • Personnel logs;
  • Incident reports;
  • Animal breeding records;
  • Sampling trip records, including the 2013 Mojiang sampling trip;
  • Key databases of pathogens, samples, and isolates, including those taken offline.

We hope these elements will come soon to obtain a version of the facts as close to reality as possible.

To conclude, the main reason is the international security in the near future. Biosecurity, in fact, is actually one of the greatest threats humanity will face, especially considering that the $200 million program meant to ‘predict’ virus outbreaks is set to grow into a $1.2 billion Global Virome Project, with the stated goal of discovering 500,000 new viruses

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