The most politically compromised hypothesis

Why this theory is so problematic?

For the first time in the history of modern times we are witnessing a rather bizarre as distressing phenomenon, there is a valid scientific theory supported by various revised studies that is probably better you not talk about. The first ones who dared to do it publicly have faced derision, demolition of their image and, in the most serious cases, risked to compromise their career. What am I talking about? Well the theory of the origins of SARS-CoV-2 related to a laboratory leak of course! You can be a citizen of the most democratic state in the world, but the theory is still hardly accepted. Why this theory is so problematic?

There are many reasons

  • Mass Media mistake the theory as an attack on people of Chinese origin. Mass Media assumed that it can favor synophobia, obviously there is nothing more false! Hypothesizing that the virus originated from a laboratory and not from China’s wild nature would only push for greater control of international biosecurity and above all to reshape the parameters of secrecy of a dictatorial regime that, with its cover-up, has probably unleashed a world massacre. The Chinese people have no fault in anyone’s eyes anyway, the Chinese political regime does;
Why this theory is so problematic?
  • Many private and public companies (see WHO) have huge economic interests in maintaining current funds for their research. The fear of a blockade of them is enough to silence all the voices on the subject;
One of the companies most at risk
  • Many eminent experts on the matter have close economical ties with China (See Peter Daszak). They cannot play against it in any way;
Peter Daszak, the Conflict of interests expert
  • China is not the only State to have problems with the theory, look why.
EU Horizon project funded Wuhan institute of virology
Why this theory is so problematic?
Superpowers battle

So why this theory is so problematic? Because certain arguments are storm carriers. Personally, i think that lies must have no place in this society. The world must fully face the truth, how hard it may be. This step is necessary in order to be able to avoid another time this probable mistake.

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