The most politically compromised hypothesis

The red authoritarian regime

The red authoritarian dictatorial regime, China, is not afraid to intimidate, threaten and strike anyone who dares to hinder. The Dragon’s State has every possible reason to hide an event of this magnitude. It is a nascent superpower with roots spreading everywhere. Even if due to a trivial error, admit to have caused the damage would crack all sorts of international agreements and strongly undermine the foundations of the iron communist dictatorship. The result would be surely a stop in their sneaky imperialist process currently in fast progress.

The red authoritarian regime
China’s roots are spreading everywhere

The ethics of the regime

The ethics of the regime is not very far from that of the other dictatorial apparatuses of the last century. The main elements are always the same:

  • A genocidal trend;
  • Absolute secrecy;
  • Censorship of any thought that could oppose the regime;
  • Citizens totally subject to the will of the state;
  • Unbridled Imperialism.

Wuhan is the new Chernobyl

This event is perfectly similar to the Chernobyl case. A communist regime, the USSR, carried out a big cover-up in order to try to hide what soviet technology caused to themselves and to the rest of the world. Chernobyl, however, was of nuclear nature, so it was extremely difficult to cover its evident traces. Today, instead, we deal with an invisible pathogen whose secrets are hidden in databases that are no longer available. Secondly, the genetic code sequences who keep its secret are unreadable for the majority of society.

The red authoritarian regime
An aerial view of the Chernobyl nucler power plant after the explosion

The possibility that the red authoritarian regime, has “conspired” in order to save face (and, therefore, its hegemonic power), seems to be, for a large part of press, an element that can only be relegated to television imagery rather than a plausible phenomenon. They should consider that in human history dictatorships have always implemented all forms of lies in order to have the best possible propaganda results with all the authoritarian instruments at their disposal.

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