The most politically compromised hypothesis

The real story of Peter Daszak

We learned about him as the hero who works constantly to protect us from the arrival of new deadly viruses. A calm man, a serene and proud look, one of those faces that instill trust from the first impact. His huge and very important curriculum, accompanied by his verve, conquered general public interested in environmental issues. No wonder, therefore, that immediately after the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic he became a global reference point for those who wanted to understand more about this nasty and destructive invader who monopolized our lives. But which is the real story of Peter Daszak? What does he have to hide? While they may seem like the usual conspiratorial questions, there is absolutely nothing conspiratorial here.

The real story of Peter Daszak
Peter Daszak

Peter Daszak, in fact, is not just a simple British zoologist, just as the company he is President of (the EcoHealth Alliance) isn’t just a virtuous non-profit company aimed at collective well-being. A sort of modern Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. Since there are so many elements, below you will find an ordered list of all the elements the world should know about the “most eminent (and destructive) voice” of the scientific debate on the new Coronavirus.

The real story of Peter Daszak
EcoHealth Alliance

The interests behind Peter Daszak

  • A report by Independent Science News and a search of US government databases revealed that EcoHealth Alliance received US $ 39 million in funding from the Pentagon from 2013 to 2020. Adding another US $ 64.7 million from USAID, the report found that Daszak’s “non-profit organization” has raked in over US $ 103 million from the US government;
  • He has been a collaborator and co-author on work at the WIV on construction and analysis of novel chimeric coronaviruses;
  • Since 2014, Daszak’s organization has funneled some of this US government funding into the WIV. In the first phase of research, which took place from 2014 to 2019, Daszak coordinated with Directress Shi Zhengli. The aim was to investigate and catalog bat coronaviruses across China. NIH funded EcoHealth Alliance for US $ 3.7 million for this research. They channeled 10 percent of the funds to the WIV, reported NPR;

An attempt to suffocate the debate

  • Has dismissed (without any evidence) the laboratory leak hypothesys, defining it a conspiracy theory. A report by US Right to Know alleges that emails released through freedom of information requests reveal that Daszak persuaded 26 prominent scientists to sign a statement published in The Lancet on Feb. 19 2020, claiming that any suggestions that COVID-19 was not of natural origin are “conspiracy theories.” At this point it would be clear to hypothesize that all this is nothing other than the evident manifestation of a conscience of guilt;
  • Four employers of EcoHealth alliance are signatories of The Lancet statement. Six scientists who signed the statement, including Daszak, now comprise half of The Lancet’s panel investigating the origins of the virus.

Despite the real story of Peter Daszak, the WHO has not stopped. They decided to include him in its Team to investigate the origins of the Virus under Chinese guidance. In light of the enormous leadership clearly manifested by Beijing in Peter Daszak’s life, it therefore arises spontaneously to think that more than a man acting in the interests of the world, Peter Daszak is a man acting in the interests of the Chinese authoritarian dictatorial regime. The scientific community want him to be definitively excluded from any sort of investigation to avoid further pollutions of research. Ai posteri l’ardua sentenza!

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